CTOS Application & Decisioning

Provide immediate and accurate credit application & decisioning capabilities to drive higher business performance and exceptional customer experience


What is CTOS

Application & Decisioning?

CTOS Application & Decisioning enables you to efficiently and accurately make decisions via automated analytics and insight which provides the best user experience.

It is customisable based on your requirements so that you can manage risk and improve overall business process and performances.


Who is it designed for?

It is designed for any businesses in any industry to provide access to superior data which can help you to make better decisions instantly.

See how it works

Value Proposition

The only credit decision application that will serve you in acquiring customers, improving business process and performance, increasing competitive advantage and improving overall customer experience through data analytics and insight.

Precision at its best!

Helping you to get accurate decisions with access to data analytics

Easy to use

Our web interface with simple dashboard is designed for optimal user experience

Control & Confidence

Be in control of your requirements and implementation. Change rules and applications as you like

Quick and Immediate

Fast decision making helps you to adjust and adapt towards the market and competitive environment


Flexibility and customisable tailored to your needs

Your Benefits


Increase competitive edge


Improving business process and efficiency in delivering customer acquisition to obtain competitive advantages


Immediate application process


Automated processing and instant access to CTOS allows applications to be processed in a fraction of the usual time


Reduced processing and underwriting costs


Automation of manual checks across processing and underwriting leads to reduced costs to the business


Managed easily with minimal IT requirements


Fully hosted by CTOS accessible via secure URL reduces the reliance on IT. SaaS Business Model – service up & running quickly with self-service for maximum flexibility


Enhanced customer experience


Rapid on-boarding will delight customers – Consistent experience across all channels


Reduced bad debt and increased acceptance rates


Access to superior data and analytics allows you to identify problem clients early, thus reducing bad debt. Quicker processing allows more applications to be completed and accepted

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