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CTOS Credit Manager is a web-based application that harnesses the power of a dynamic platform to search, store, monitor and manage all your customer information to reduce business credit risk. As CTOS’s flagship business offering, this powerful solution is continuously improved and enhanced to ensure our customers have the best tool on hand to run their businesses smoothly.

Introducing the new CTOS Credit Manager Xpress – the perfect tool for busy business professionals who are always on the move. It’s amazing convenience at your fingertips. It’s built with mobile-first design technology to help you perform core functions with ease. CM Xpress is a value-added FREE feature for all Credit Manager subscribers. Switch seamlessly between both versions (existing and Xpress) according to your needs.

Use CTOS Credit Manager to help manage and reduce credit risk in 3 simple steps: –

  • Perform pre-credit screening and due diligence check to assess the risk of new or existing customers and suppliers.
  • Check information related to: –
    • company profile/ SSM information (ROC/ ROB)
    • financials
    • banking payment history (CCRIS)
    • legal case/ litigation
    • bankruptcy, trade references
  • Other services, e.g. International and Singapore search, land title search, etc.
  • Stay informed on changes to your customers’ business conditions.
  • Get automatic updates when a change happens on: –
    • financial
    • directorship/ ownership
    • business interest
    • legal case
    • trade reference
  • CTOS eTR is a neutral collaborative platform for subscribers to share their customers non-banking payment information, positive or negative, for debt recovery.
  • Help to reinforce good payment behaviour by encouraging individuals to settle outstanding amounts via CTOS electronic Trade Reference (eTR).

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