save cash this raya

save cash this raya

Save Cash This Raya? Syoknya!

1. Shop wisely to save money
Look carefully for festive bargains, discounts and other promotions, which are common during the festive season – many companies offer great deals for customers during the major festivals. A good way to find out is by checking online, as company websites normally have their limited-time promotions up on the home page. Banks, vehicle companies, restaurants, petrol stations and clothing retail outlets often provide perks for
credit card members.

Buy in bulk from wholesalers when possible (for instance, groceries, soft drinks and other foodstuff) to enjoy more discounts. This is especially beneficial if you’re planning for large gatherings or an open house and will be expecting many guests.

2. Set a budget for expenses
To ensure you don’t overspend, set a budget for the major areas of expenditure for the festive season. This will also help you have a better picture on where you can cut costs, or how you can save money.

For instance, if you have a large family, you may be able to budget a smaller amount for festive clothing if you get all the items made by your family tailor – the fabrics can be purchased in bulk, and you may be able to ask the tailor for a large-order discount. This can be cheaper than trying to purchase clothing from various different places (consider fuel costs, toll, parking fees and time spent).

3. Plan your ‘balik kampung’ travel in advance
Make your travel plans well ahead of time. You can save fuel by choosing to travel at non-peak hours, so you don’t spend hours stuck in traffic. Use any reward points you’ve accumulated for fuel rebates. If you have more than one vehicle, pick the one that’s most fuel-efficient for the type of journey you’re going to make.

Also, the small things count, especially if you have a family. Save costs during travelling by packing your own food and drinks for your journey instead of eating out (this is also a healthier option). Last but not least, make sure your vehicle is properly serviced before you begin your journey, as breakdowns in the midst of travel can be costly to fix.

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