How To Read CTOS Report (Company)

Our classic CTOS Report was designed to help you better evaluate your potential clients and vendors. We display an array of information from company financials, litigation, trade references and even banking payment history so that you can make more informed decision.

This report is structured to five (5) distinct sections:

  • Section A - Report Snapshot

    Snapshot (Highlights of entire report)

  • Section B - Company Profile (SSM information)

    Company Profile (SSM information – inclusive of Directorship, Shareholding, Company Charges, Financial Statements, Directorship & Business Parties, Address Records, Financial Health Indicator etc)

  • Section C - Banking Payment History (CCRIS Information)

    Banking Payment History (CCRIS Summary + CCRIS Details + Dishonoured Cheques)

  • Section D - Litigation Information

    Litigation Information

  • Section E - Trade Referee Listing

    Trade Referee Listing