5 ways to safeguard your identity while shopping online

1. Pick familiar and verified websites

Shop on trustworthy and reputable websites that have a good security track record. When in doubt, do some research, but bear in mind that not all reviews may be genuine.

2. Use separate and strong passwords

Don’t use the same passwords for different online shopping websites. Make sure your passwords are strong and unique to reduce the chances of anyone else being able to crack it.

3. Don’t share unnecessary personal information

Some online retailers may ask for your birthday to be able to better tailor their services to you, or perhaps offer you birthday specials. However, if hackers gain access to this data, they’ll have personal information about you that could be used to impersonate you online.

4. Always ensure that your digital device is protected

Whether you’re using a laptop, smartphone or other device to get online, make sure that you have anti-malware in place. This will help protect you against a variety of online security threats.

5. Check your credit report regularly

Checking your full MyCTOS Score report can quickly alert you to identity theft. For instance, if you notice new loans or credit cards you didn’t apply for, it’s a sign that someone may have stolen your information and that you’ll need to investigate further.