Fraud protection and credit monitoring service unveiled

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(From left) Amirudin, Martin and Hisyam launching CTOS SecureID.

(From left) Amirudin, Martin and Hisyam launching CTOS SecureID.

TO COMBAT the growing problem of identity theft, fraud and scams, CTOS launched its SecureID, a fraud protection and credit monitoring service.

This newly included Dark Web monitoring service is the first of its kind to be launched by a credit reporting agency in South-East Asia.

Consumers who subscribe to this service will be alerted to any changes in their credit profiles such as new credit applications, missed payments, credit limit changes, closure of credit facilities, bankruptcy and litigation cases besides alerts on personal information found in the Dark Web.

This enables consumers to be more proactive instead of reactive in safeguarding their identity and managing their credit health.

CTOS Malaysia group chief executive office Dennis Martin said in view of numerous data breaches worldwide and with the growth of online transactions as well as digital footprints, there were more ways for our identities and data to be stolen.

“In the first six months of 2019,4.1 billion personal records were leaked globally due to data breaches.

“Many criminal elements use the Dark Web for the sale and purchase of people’s data, and our new monitoring tool allows us to alert consumers if their personal information is detected on the Dark Web.

“Additionally, the included takaful coverage provides peace of mind if you become a victim of fraud, ” he added at the unveiling of the service.

Also present were Cybersecurity Malaysia chief executive officer Datuk Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab and actor Hisyam Hamid who is featured in CTOS’ special campaign.

“Today’s evolution of CTOS SecureID

means that we have a service that helps safeguard consumers against fraud and scams and also helps improve financial literacy, in line with the Government’s mission to promote financial education and inclusion, ” said Martin.

Subscribers to CTOS SecureID will also receive the latest information on scams and fraud prevention tips, support for issues related to identity theft and four MyCTOS Score Reports a year.