How To Remove Credit Report Inaccuracies?

What do you do when you spot an error on your credit report? You are protected by law and can take steps to correct it. Cleaning up your own credit report is quick and easy. Just follow our 3-step advice below:


Step 1 – Obtain your latest credit report

To know exactly what is on your credit report, register yourself and get your latest credit report from CTOS. The information on your report changes each month as we constantly gather and update credit information.


Step 2 – Know what can be removed

You can’t rid every negative notation from your credit file – credit bureaus like CTOS are obligated to report all credit information as long as it is correct and timely. So what can be removed?

  • Wrong information. If the report lists incorrect information, such as an account you never opened, someone else’s name, or a judgment for a lawsuit you were never a part of, you can have it permanently purged from your record.
  • Outdated, negative information. In most cases, negative information, even when accurate, won’t haunt you forever, especially when it has been settled. Your credit report may reflect lawsuits, judgments, liens, foreclosures, bankruptcy, late payments, and charged-off accounts for a number of years. Once the relevant time period has lapsed, you may have the information removed from your credit report. Do check with us for timelines for such information to be displayed, and when the information can be removed from your report.

Step 3 – Fix inaccuracies

If you do spot errors or items that should have aged off your report, you’ll need to let us know. You may contact us at (03-2722 8833)  or fill up the online form and email to In all cases, you’ll have to provide copies of your MyKad and a description of what is wrong, and what the correct information is.

Documents you’ll need to provide:

  • MyKad (both front and back copies, compulsory for verification purposes)
  • Documentary evidence from your bank, such as a settlement letter (if applicable)
  • SSM, court or litigation documentation (if applicable)

Once we receive your information, we’ll investigate the matter. The creditor will have this time to verify the information, and if they can’t prove it’s accurate, we will stop reporting it. When we complete the investigation, we’ll send you a written report covering what we found, and an updated copy of your credit report if it resulted in any change. Generally, it takes 3 to 5 days to update information in your credit report (if all relevant supporting documents have been received and verified), while more complex issues may take up to 2 weeks to be settled.


In the majority of cases, removing inaccuracies is that simple. However, if the investigation results in no change, write a letter to the creditor and explain why the information is incorrect and that you want them to report the accurate information. Include copies of supporting documents if you have them. Finally, if the situation still doesn’t get resolved to your satisfaction, consider writing a letter of explanation to add to your report. In one hundred words or fewer, you can explain your side of a credit problem. Write the note clearly, include supportive facts, and send it to us at CTOS to be attached to your report.