CTOS Identity Verification helps you protect your customers and operate responsibly while ensuring a positive customer experience.
Our identity verification solution uses data and insights to enable you to verify the identity of individuals in real time.

 Benefits to your business:

Ensure compliance with regulatory policies

Improve quality of customer service

Enabling frictionless onboarding

Improve operational efficiency and scalability

Seamless integration process

Customisable to your needs

Reach new market segments more easily

Reduce decision-making time

 How it works:

Our 3-layer authentication process ensures thorough digital identity verification of applicants in an efficient, reliable and consistent manner.

Document & ID Holder Verification

A government-issued identification document is scanned and verified, then a facial image is extracted from the document and matched against a new, real-life captured image of the applicant.

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Bureau-file Verification

Information extracted from an official identification document is checked against existing CTOS data for mismatches.

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Knowledge-Based Authentication

Applicants are given a series of dynamic questions, based on actual credit file information and active CCRIS facilities.

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