Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. In light of recent data breaches in Malaysia, let us help you find out if your personal information has been leaked into the Dark Web. Criminals can potentially use this leaked information to commit fraud.

CTOS’ Dark Web monitoring is a great first step to better protect your identity. We scan billions of data breach records for email addresses, phone numbers, as well as credit/debit card, bank account and passport information. If your information has been leaked, we will alert you and advise you on the next steps you should take to secure your personal information.

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Empowering Malaysians to achieve better financial credit health

Regulated by the Registrar of Credit Reporting Agencies

The FULL CTOS SecureID plan safeguards you from fraud and scams,
also helps you stay on top of your credit health

Fraud Alerts

Find out if your personal information has been compromised


Dark Web Monitoring

Scanning over 14 billion data breach records to detect if your info has been compromised

New Credit Application

Alerts you on any new credit applications under your name

Credit Limit Changes

Alerts you on any changes in your credit limit (increased or decreased)

Account Closure

Alerts you on closures of any credit facilities under your name

Changes of Address

Alerts you on any address changes associated with your NRIC number

Scam Alerts

Provide you alerts on latest scam so you can take precautions

Credit Monitoring

Take charge of your credit health


Credit Score Updates

Monitor changes in your credit score reports every 3 months

Missed Payments

Monthly alert on missed payments

Bankruptcy Records

Know if bankruptcy cases are falsely booked or reported under your name

Litigation Records

Know if crimes in your name are falsely booked or reported in court system

Trade Referee Listings (eTR)

Know if you are listed by non-financial institutions for outstanding debt

Takaful Coverage

Have peace of mind knowing you are covered


Up to RM20,000 takaful coverage

Get coverage for financial losses due to fraudulent transactions and more…
Description Sum Covered (RM)
Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement 20,000
Accidental Medical Expenses 2,000
Loss of Personal Effects due to Snatch Theft 2,000
Loss of ATM cash due to robbery within one(1) hour of ATM Withdrawal 2,000
Debit & Credit Card Indemnity 2,000
Savings Account Indemnity 2,000

Get started now at only RM10.10/month or RM101/year

Fraud Protection & Alerts

  • Personal data breach on the dark web
  • New credit application & account closures
  • Change of address & contact information

Credit Monitoring & Reports

  • 4 MyCTOS Score reports yearly
  • Missed payment alerts

Fraud & Takaful Coverage

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