September 11, 2017

How Do Banks and Lenders Decide if You’re Creditworthy?

Have you ever had your loan or credit card rejected and you thought to yourself that it was just bad luck?
August 1, 2017

5 Factors That Can Impact Your Credit Score

Your credit score shows whether you have a history of financial stability and responsible credit management. The CTOS Score ranges from 300 to 850 - the higher the score, the better for you.
July 11, 2017

Ready for a Financial Emergency?

Credit can be the key to a better lifestyle when you use it wisely. Credit can help you purchase the life-enhancing big-ticket items you might not otherwise be able to afford, such as a house and automobile.
June 22, 2017
save cash this raya

Save Cash This Raya? Syoknya!

Save Cash This Raya? Syoknya!
May 30, 2017
5 mistakes

5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Credit Score Fast

If you're among the countless consumers with excellent credit, you should by all means celebrate that achievement -- but don't get too cocky.
May 17, 2017
common myths

5 Common Myths About Credit Reporting

There is a lot of information floating around about credit reporting. However, not everything you hear or read about is true. An immediate step towards good credit health